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       At the age of four, Katherine would entertain her family with her actions and stories. When the family moved to Texas from San Juan, Argentina, her father made it his mission to enroll Katherine in an arts magnet school. She attended Anderson Academy and that is where she grew in artistic expression through art, dance, choir and drama. When the family moved to Humble, TX, she got involved in electives and after school activities in dance, art, plays and church choir.

       Her professional acting career pursuit began in an Intro to Acting course at Lonestar Kingwood College. After having her theatrical debut in a leading character as 'Desdemona' in Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet (2017), she competed against other schools and she won 1 of 9 acting awards that were given for acting. She then continued her journey by directing a short play, For Allie (2017).

       After auditioning for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, she was accepted and this propelled her to receive formal training and learn skills for acting in Film and T.V. She graduated in 2020, and remains in L.A. to continue acting and filmmaking.

Directing 'For Allie'

Directing my first play, 'For Allie' (2017)

Dabbing on stage

Just Dabbing on Stage after rehearsal for 'Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet' (2017)

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Zoom Grad Play Festival - The Importance of Being Earnest (2020)
Reasons to be Pretty - Scene Performance (2019)
Combat Class (2019)
Styles Class - Restoration & Shakespeare (2019)
Dance Classes (2018-2019)
Dialects Class (2019)
Comedy Exam Plays: Brighton Beach Memoirs & Maybe Tuesday (2019)
All My Sons 'Anne Deever' - Hair & Makeup (2019)
Pizza Man Scene (2019)
Make Up Class & Pirate Look (Final) (2019)
Vocal Production Intro & Advanced (2018-2019)
Drama Exam Play: Our Town as 'Mrs.Gibbs' (2018)
Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet & Other pics at Kingwood (2017)

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