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Height: 5"6 / 167cm   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Weight: 185 lbs.   |   Build: Average   |   Playing Age: 17-25   |   Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano

Ethnicities: Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Latino / Hispanic, Indigenous Peoples, Middle Eastern, Italian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander

Born in San Juan, Argentina and later moved to Humble,TX at the age of seven with her immediate family. Has Italian, Spanish, Jewish and Native Huarpe ancestry, giving her the ambiguous complexion. Grew up in Texas until she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and filmmaking in the fall of 2018. Graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Hollywood in August 2020, and currently resides in North Hollywood. 

Download Acting Resume PDF

Acting Resume

Film / Series

'Red Balloons' Short/Pilot

'Rumors & Secrets' Short

'Promise Me' Short

'Renacimiento' Short

'Yamvard University' Web Series

'Lynnwood High' Feature 


'La Siguanaba' Short

'The Red Orchid' Short 

'Double Crosses' Feature  ​

'Last Call' Short  

'Amor Eterno' Short

'Child Sitting' Short  

'Silence is Violence' Short 

'Good Night' Short   

'In Sickness & In Health' Short

'A Queen's Reflection' Short 

'Royal Gambit' Feature  

'I Do?' Short  

'Girl Scout Cookies' Short

'Thespian Incubus' Short  

Lead: Dulce

Lead: The Innocent

Lead: Alma

Lead: Bimori

Supporting: Amelia the Student

Supporting: Melanie 

Supporting: Liliana

Lead: Yashaneh

Day Player: Nurse 

Supporting: Sam

Supporting: Justine

Lead: Alex

Lead: Clara/Waitress

Lead: Jenny


Lead: Ileyan                      

Lead: Gertrude    

Lead: Katarina of Aragon

Lead: Karen Gonzalez

Supporting: Friend 

Supporting:Casting Assistant

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Dir. Katherine J. Espin &       

           Sophia Yunyi Zhu


Dir. Katherine J. Espin

Dir. Katherine J. Espin

Dir. Carlos Carlos Jr.

Dir. Mike Gioia

Dir. Oscar Bermudez

Dir. Jacqueline Ayala-Alonzo


Dir. Montana Cypress

Dir. Timi Oyelude

Dir. Maria Jose Del Pozo

Dir. Kaila Gutierrez

Dir. Katherine J. Espin

Dir. Timmy Ramey

Dir. Katherine J. Espin

Dir. Nayeli Fernandez

Dir. Charlotte Hendrickx

Dir. Amanda Zarr

Dir. Scott Reiniger

Dir. Scott Reiniger

Dir. Fraser Brooks


'Outstanding Foods'   |   Pedestrian Interviewed/Actor   |   June 2021    


'Blue Studios ios.'       |   Math & Science Instructor        |   Dec. - March 2021  

     Ep.1   'Circle Time Math with Katherine' Learn About Patterns​

     Ep.2   'Where Does Chocolate Come From?'

     Ep.3   'Why is it so hard for Firefighters to put out fires?'

     Ep.4   'Why are there Dimples on Golfballs?'

Theatre Credits


Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA


Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA


Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA


Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA

Kingwood, TX


Kingwood. TX

Dir. Amanda Zarr 

Dir. Ian Ogilvy 

Dir. Timothy Landfield 

Dir. Amanda Zarr 

Dir. Timothy Landfield

Dir. Amir Korangy

Dir. Timothy Landfield

Dir. Amir Korangy

Dir. Timothy Landfield

Dir. Mary Bleier

Dir. Brenda Beck 

Dir. Amir Korangy 

Dir. Scott Thompson 

Dir. Mark Knowles

Dir. Karen Hensel 

Dir. Judith Bohannon

Dir. Kalliope Vlahos 


Dir. Katherine J. Espin 

Katarina of Aragon  

Miss Prism 



Mrs. Sneerwell 





Anne Deever 

Mattie Fae 






Mrs. Gibbs







Royal Gambit                             

The Importance of Being Earnest 


School for Scandal       

Uncle Vanya       


Reasons to be Pretty   

Pizza Man


All My Sons        

August Osage County     

Brighton Beach Memoirs   

California Suite     

Maybe Tuesday         


Our Town             

Much Ado About Nothing    

Final Placement     

Goodnight Desdemona,      

Good Morning Juliet   


For Allie         

Training & Workshops

Improv Intro - The Groundlings School |   Julie Welch   |   Spring 2022   |   Hollywood, CA


SFI - Sword Fights Inc. Member  |   Brian Danner & Orion Barnes   |   Spring 2022   |   Hollywood, CA

Advanced Camera Acting   |   Scott Reiniger   |   Spring 2020   |   Hollywood, CA​

Shakespeare Intensive  |   Timothy Landfield   |   Spring 2020   |   Hollywood, CA

Styles - Period   |   Amanda Zarr   |   Spring 2020   |   Hollywood, CA

(Restoration, Fan Language, Romanticism, Shakespeare)

Dialects & Accents  |   Dr. Brennan   |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA

American Classics - Acting   |   Timothy Landfield   |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA 

Fencing/Cinematic & Stage Combat   |   Orion Barnes   |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA

European & American Classics - Acting   |   Timothy Landfield  |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA 

Period Dance   |   Scott Thompson   |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA

(Pavan, Minuet, Galliard, Quadrille, Contradance) 

Meisner Technique   |   Timothy Landfield   |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA 

Advanced Vocal Production - Musical Theatre  |   Becca Lustgarden   |   Fall 2019   |   Hollywood, CA

Sitcom Intensive (Audition & Technique)  |   Gunner Rohrbacher   |   Spring 2019   |   Hollywood, CA

Comedy Acting / Technique   |   Amir Korangy   |   Spring 2019   |   Hollywood, CA 

Improv  |   Abel Arias   |   Spring 2019   |   Hollywood, CA

Styles - Commedia dell'arte   |   Karen Hesel   |   Spring 2019   |   Hollywood, CA


Suzuki & Mono Yakim Workshop   |   Alex Wright   |   Fall 2018   |   Hollywood, CA  


Drama Acting / Technique  |   Judith Bohannon   |   Fall 2018   |   Hollywood, CA

Vocal Production - Musical Theatre  |   Perry Hart   |   Fall 2018   |   Hollywood, CA 


Intro to Acting on Camera   |   Scott Reiniger   |   Fall 2018   |   Hollywood, CA

Dance Styles   |   Mark Knowles   |   Fall 2018   |   Hollywood, CA

(Jitterbug, American Waltz, Charleston, Jazz, Ballet, Tap)


Stagecraft 1 & 2   |   Dir. Kalliope Vlahos   |   Spring 2016   |   Kingwood, TX  

Intro to Acting   |   Eric Skiles   |   Fall 2016   |   Kingwood, TX 

Special Skills



Fluent American English, Fluent General Spanish

Elevated Southern British, Cockney, Irish, New York, Southern (Rhotic/Non Rhotic), Italian, More Dialects.


Basic Dance Exp.

Mezzo Soprano, Basic Musical Theatre Knowledge, Some Choir Experience

Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, American Waltz, Jitterbug, Charleston, Argentine Tango, Period Dances (Pavane, Minuet, Contradance, Galliard), Latin Dances (Folklore, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Chacarera) 

Combat Skills

Cinematic Stage Combat, Basic Fencing, Theatre Stage Combat, Basic Archery, Basic Bo Staff

Athletic Skills

Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Bicycle, Boxing, More (Fast Learner)

Other Skills

Server/Waiter (4yrs), Restaurant Hostess (2yrs.), Front Desk Receptionist, R.A. (Residential Assistant) at College Dorms, Camp Counselor, Babysitting, Homeschool Art Teacher, Driver's License, Cooking.Baking, Visual Art Skills (Painting, Drawing, Sculpting), Sewing/Hemming, Costume/Makeup

Download Full Resume

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