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Pure Modern Love (2022)

By Katherine J. Espin

Starring: Gillo Giustolisi & Nina Marcelo

A short silent film inspired by the the wonderful work of George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue', we follow the post-corona love story of a young couple who find each other for the first time, despite them living in the same apartment building, and how they manage obstacles that prevent them from having a simple date. Their black and white normal lives, may or may not end up in blooming color.

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Pure Modern Love (2022)

2022, Momus Media Production, Directed By Katherine J. Espin, Starring: Gillo Giustolisi & Nina Marcelo, Isabella Urdaneta


Director's Statement:

After listening to George Gershwin’s famous ‘Rhapsody in Blue,’ I saw this love story unfold in my head. I realized how sweet and simple it would be to make with just two actors and a camera, since picturing it black and white in my head, would mean that no sound problems would arise. At the time, quarantine was implemented in L.A. and as we waited for our graduation play rehearsals to resume, we were sitting ducks for a couple of weeks. This sweet story wanted to come to life, and since I would be using this famous orchestral piece, I needed to make sure that it was in the public domain. Once I found out that it recently was, it green lit the project. I wrote a script, got my camera and borrowed lights from a filmmaker friend, Fabrizio Daniele, owner of Momus Media Production Company. I was inspired by the pure love and relationship that my roommate and her boyfriend have, and decided to make them the center piece of the project. No crews or productions were allowed in L.A. at the time, so it was just the actors and myself. That’s it. Quarantine was a tough time for so many people, and especially artists. This love story is set in modern times, but I wanted to rescue the many romantic clichés and film style of the old silent Hollywood movies I grew up with. I decided to play with my camera, color and timing. I’m a sucker for love, and I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone. Pure modern love exists.

Project Gallery

Nina and Bella
Missed it
Cooking with him
Cooking with her
Dinner Date


Hosted by Charlotte Hendrickx, Guest Panel: Dir. Katherine J. Espin, Gillo Giustolisi & Nina Marcelo

February 2021, Facilitated by The Alumni Department at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Hollywood


For the Film: Pure Modern Love (2022)

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For the Actor: Nina Marcelo

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For the Actor: Gillo Giustolisi

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For the Director/Filmmaker: Katherine J. Espin


Behind the scenes

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