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Katherine J. Espin wears waaaaaaay too many hats. Her love for cinema began at an early age and hasn't stopped since. Once she began taking film classes, and then later purchased her first camera, she loved every part of the movie making process. She has not only directed and filmed her fair share of cinematic projects, but has also written, edited, produced, script supervised and loves to cover BTS on sets.

Katherine J. Espin is an Argentine-born American filmmaker and actress. She moved to Houston, TX from San Juan, Argentina, with her family in 2001. After high school, she took many film classes at a local community college, where she received her film foundation education. She was later accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, CA where she graduated with training in Acting for Theatre, T.V. and Film in 2020. There she was able to received education in-front of the camera, but continued to be involved in small film projects as an actress during school, in 'Thespian Incubus', 'Girl Scout Cookies', 'I Do?', 'Royal Gambit', and as a filmmaker in 'Fab Vlogs', 'Heated', 'Me, Myself and You', 'Glass Marbles' and 'Assertion Time'. During the weeks of quarantine back in April 2020, with uncertainty of when Graduation performances were going to resume, Katherine made her first cinematic passion project, 'Pure Modern Love'. She loves cinema and if she’s not in-front of the camera, she will be behind it.

She has helped other creatives in their sets as crew member ranging from cinematographer, videographer in BTS, editor, 1st AD, script supervisor and catering, yes even catering. As long as she is helping other creatives to make their stories come to life, she ia enjoying every minute. Recent projects she has helped other filmmakers are, 'The Spell That Backfired', 'Ten Whys', 'The Office Hunt', 'Shadowblades' and 'The Mentor'.

She is currently in the pre-production phase of her next short film, 'Red Balloons', a shakespearian influenced Rom-Com, that will be starring Gillo Giustolisi, Oliver Boon and herself. It is set to begin filming on August 2022.

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Her vision for projects and the story she tells come from an actor's background. This has helped her communicate with actors and crew to bring out the best in everyone in a warm collaboration. 


Helping to capture the essense of a story for a theatrical play or movie trailer, and/or a promotional video for an event.


Coming together to collaborate with other creators for their YouTube channels, streaming services, behind the scenes moments and content creations. 


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Here you can find the latest projects that were just released to the public after their festival run.

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Find out the current films that are now in finished with post production and in festivals now. 

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