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Red Balloons

Written By: Katherine J. Espin and Sabrina Ariss

Starring: Gillo Giustolisi, Katherine J. Espin & John Goodwin

On the summer after her junior year in college, we find a girl named Dulce, handing out red balloons to random strangers at parks every Wednesday morning. At a particular park, on a particular park table, she gives her last balloon of the day to a handsome young man named, Drew. His piles of books, papers and in depth Shakespeare analysis do not shy her away. After many long awkward exchanges, they soon become friends. Good friends. Making Wednesday morning meet-ups a new tradition. That is until one day, Dulce doesn't show. Sending Drew into a weekly frenzy. When out of the blue, someone else comes into the picture to clear things up, and lead him straight to her. 


This Rom-Com may or may not be influenced by one of Shakespeare's famous plays. And yes, the red, the blue, the balcony ... it's kind of in there. But it's in modern times, and it's got sweet quirky characters. So we'll let you decide. 

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Red Balloons - Fundraising Video

2023, Copyright, Katherine J. Espin


Director's Statement:

       Am I the only one who misses the Rom-Coms from the early 2000's? I cannot be the only one. Looking at a lot of the romance content there are nowadays in the streaming services, I couldn't help but notice the lack of color, vibrancy and fun that many of them have! So many are striving for that grundgy cinematic look, but I feel it's trying too hard. 

       One of the things I would love to pitch to a lot of these streaming services is a fun, quirky and bright story of cute characters we can relate to and enjoy. I also noticed a lack of latinas leading the quirky romantic comedies as well. This is one of those roles I dream of playing one day, and it took an unfortunate pandemic to write it, and a great team to present it to years later. I wrote a short scene before it became something bigger. With the help of Sabrina Ariss, I was able to present a funny and cute rom-com to the amazing producing duo Charlotte Hendrickx and Joaquina Gentil. 

       I love modernizing old gems of some sort. The two main characters are drawn from the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, in modern times with a touch of real life situational comedy scenarios. 

       The overall tone of the project draws from 2000's rom-coms such as, '13 going 30', '27 Dresses', '50 First Dates', and some of that awkward comedy from movies like 'Nacho Libre' and 'Napoleon Dynamite'. 


Writer, Director, Actress

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Social Media/Makeup

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Social Media/Marketing

Art Department

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Script Supervisor

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Costume Department


CURRENT GOAL: $10k - $15k

This amount will cover all of our 4 day shooting expenses for this film project.

It will pay for everyone's time, equipment rentals, food, transportation, props, costume, permits and post production expenses. 

The Goodies When You Donate!

$20...Social Media Shout-Out: Show your support and get a special shout-out on our official social media channels. We'll publicly recognize your generosity and share our gratitude with our growing online community.

$50.....Get a signed poster by the cast and crew!

$75.....Digital Blooper Reel: Laugh out loud with a collection of hilarious bloopers and outtakes from the rom-com short film. Donate and receive exclusive access to this entertaining behind-the-scenes footage.

$100...Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access: Donate and get an exclusive peek behind the camera! Gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and updates on the making of the film.

$150...Name in the Credits: Leave a lasting mark on the film by having your name featured in the credits. Donate and become a part of the film's legacy as a valued supporter.

$200...Personalized Thank You: Show your support and receive a personalized thank you message from the cast and crew of the rom-com short film. Feel the love and appreciation for being a part of our journey.

$250...Private Screening Party: Host your own private screening party! Donate and receive a private screening of the rom-com short film with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy a night of laughter, love, and cinematic charm.

$275...Customized Cameo: Leave your mark on the film by having a customized cameo appearance. Donate and we'll work with you to incorporate a personalized element or reference into a scene, making it a truly memorable and unique experience.

$300...Get a ticket to the Premiere/Access or to an online pre-screening! Once the film is ready to be released to everyone after its film festival circuit run, you will get access to watch for Free!

$350...Script Page with Personalized Message: Receive a physical script page from the rom-com short film, personally signed and accompanied by a heartfelt message from the cast and crew. Own a piece of the film and feel the appreciation firsthand.

$400...Associate Producer Credit: Take your support to the next level and become an associate producer of the rom-com short film. Donate and have your name credited as an associate producer in the film, showcasing your commitment to the project.

$450...Exclusive Q&A Session: Join a virtual Q&A session with the cast and crew of the rom-com short film. Ask your burning questions, gain insights into the creative process, and bond with the talented individuals behind the scenes.

$500 - $1,000...Get an Executive Producer Credit! Take your support to the next level and become an executive producer of the rom-com short film. Donate and have your name credited as an executive producer in the film, showcasing your commitment to the project.

CLICK THE BOX and it will redirect you to our DONATION PAGE through SPOTFUND!

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We are so excited to share news on the sponsors we have teamed up with for our project!

Bao Logo.png


Thank you for supporting our project and becoming a brand sponsor!

Be sure to look out for their logo on a t-shirt/sweatshirt that a character will be sporting in the film. 

If you are in the West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA area, be sure to check out this delicious Dim Sum spot! The food is great and the staff is incredible!

For more information, click the link below!

Never Overdressed Logo.png


Thank you for supporting our project and becoming a costume sponsor!

Our lead character, Dulce is very creative and fashion forward with her unique style. Having an amazing boutique like Never Overdressed to lend us some of their beautiful clothing pieces for Dulce's costuming, is a dream come true!

Thank you Never Overdressed!

Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico! 

Be sure to check out their clothing store by clicking the link below! 

Calificado Logo (2).png


Thank you for supporting our project and becoming a costume sponsor!

Calificado Wear's california vibes and cute designs are perfect for some of the characters and lead girl, Dulce. We cannot wait to feature some of their clothing pieces as costumes!

Thank you so much CALIFICADO!

Located in Los Angeles, CA!

If you want to check out some of their cute and chic clothing pieces, be sure to click the link below!

Behind the scenes






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